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Full Version: Brandon helps me with his videos so I thought I would share with his forum
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There is a lot of scalpers or overpriced sources for GPUs and other equipment - here is a source I use and thought I would share here to help others - it is auction-style but all items are donated so no overpriced scalpers - it is not as used because most may not even think about it - most items they will ship a few items are pickup only. By the way any followers in texas - there is a rig set up with multiple fans, 2psu's, a CPU and b250 mining mobo, and a little more - the price was 9.99 but pickup only due to size of rig frame I assume. You look daily as new items are added daily and last 7 to 10 days. I have seen GPUs, memory, mobos, and lots more that we can use in mining. Either way, shopgoodwill.comĀ  is the website go to components comp parts and hit apply then it will narrow down to items you might use for this - Thanks again to Brandon's videos and the links to items he shares - they have helped me a lot and I hope this helps someone here. by the way, the rig started at 9.99 a few days ago and today it is only 56.00 for all of it if you are local to pick it up - I would jump on it if I were there lol