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Old Man Miner - BennyO - 09-07-2021

Hi Everyone!  Just an old guy from NY here although i'm pretty new to mining.  I started earlier this year ~March/April with 2 cards I was able to get from amazon before prices exploded.  I slowly worked my way up to about 700Mh spread out over 2 rigs and 19 gpu's at the moment.  Looking forward to bouncing ideas/thoughts/questions off everyone...

RE: Old Man Miner - TheNerd386 - 09-11-2021

Welcome to the forums good sir!

RE: Old Man Miner - Walter - 09-13-2021

Welcome Benny.  Bet you are not as old as I am!  Can you beat 63

RE: Old Man Miner - bobsav2121 - 09-13-2021

WAY past you sonny !!!