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**SOLVED** Can't get more than 4 gpus on an ASUS Prime B460-Plus
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**SOLVED** Can't get more than 4 gpus on an ASUS Prime B460-Plus
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I can't find a single thread/youtube vid etc anywhere online about mining on this motherboard so I wanted to post here.  Can't get this board to recognize more than 4 gpus.  When I plug in the 5th gpu I get a black screen and it starts to boot loop.  Most annoyingly it resets all my bios settings so I have to go back and set it to gen 2/4g/etc.  Very weird, especially the bios reset.  I know this is a classic noob problem I see a lot but I've tried everything.  Seriously I've tried every single bios setting possible.  It also has nothing to do with the pcie slots or cabling.  I've swapped around everything and it all works perfectly until I put in the 5th gpu.  I have 2x 750w psu, i5 10th gen and 16gb memory on windows 10.  Any help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated!
My brother has the same issue and it looks like the bottleneck is the PCIE lanesutilization, you have more likely capped it out already.
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I have had this issue with several motherboards. My recommendation is to pick up at least one, preferably 4 of the 1x PCIE to 4x USB adapters, then you can run 16 GPUs off your four working PCIE slots.

Don't do what I did, which was buy more motherboards and CPUs. What a mistake.
I had a similar issue with my Asus prime z390-p. It wouldn't post with the 5th card slotted. I followed a few guides i found with similar issues - setting all to gen1/2 enabling 4g, but I also disabled any unused sata/m.2 ports. This cumulatively corrected my issue.
For anyone who needs help with this motherboard I finally solved the issue, info taken from reddit below:

you must downgrade BIOS to version 1403

you must use a 1 to 4 PCIe splitters in both of the x16 slots

Right now I have 5 gpus mining perfectly on windows. Other things you might wanna know is I'm using a m.2 SSD which I was worried about because I figured it would be taking up PCIe resources but nope it's not a problem. I didn't do much in the BIOS but here's what I did change

disabled CSM

Turned off anything not essential SATA ports, HD audio, LED, etc

made sure 4g decoding was enabled

I also didn't notice any difference when I changed the PCIe gen speeds so I just left it on auto. My thoughts on this board would still be to avoid it unless you already have two of those 1 to 4 PCIe splitters. But considering I got in on sale for $80 and it's finally working smoothly I'm pretty happy with it. Hope this helps someone

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