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Uncle D aka Dave
Hey all I'm Uncle D aka Dave... 

I'm an expat Aussie living in Indonesia, where the price of all PC related stuff is crazy.. 

Pretty new to mining as in the last 2 months, was working and thought after years to finally get my GPU in my pc making a bit of coin for me, and brought myself an ASIC just a S9 nothing flash lol

Right now though glad I did as it keeps me alive, no job no other source of income, trying to keep some aside to hopefully buy another GPU lol.. but at the scalper prices here its going to be tough Rolleyes lol..

Just watching all the content I can so can try and learn for when when i can get more going haha, been hunting the pools and who to use to get my pay outs with as little fees as possible, found some what I would call good or acceptable.

Once the ASIC stuff opens up I'll put in what I'm doing there. 

Peace Big Grin

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