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S9 and S9SE and a Pool
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S9 and S9SE and a Pool
Hey guys so i have 1 x S9 and 1 x S9SE, the later being one I got for free.

So i run the S9 with firmware so i can lower its power since here in Indonesia you're limited by what the owner of the house sets the power limit to, I'm stuck on 2200 watts... 

So Ii run the S9 at only 670w for 8.8TH, with the S9SE doing its thing for 1280w and up to the 16th, mostly it seems to avg 15.5TH on server.

I've spent ages going through pools to see the best place to put them, as my situation is I must sell to buy power and get food, because of a few reasons one I'm a foreigner here with a gold digging Ex wife lol.

So besides putting them on NiceHack, with my 1 video card so i can get faster pay-outs.

I recently tried EMCD, who only have a 1.5% pool fee and do pay-outs at what ever you set, for Bitcoin and BCHN only.
my Referral Link as they do give you a little kickback if someone signs up, worth a shot lol 

They have Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash(node), Lite coin and of course Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum and ETC, some of them have minimum pay-outs but they are either on par with others or lower.

I really want to buy Gold shell Mini Doge one day, and if I do I think I''ll put it on here.. if anyone has one would it be worth you trying them out?

So I muck around a little with my ASICS on and off here depending on how close to being able to sell I am or how far along one my video card is to a pay-out as well.

Just thought I'd chuck this here, it might be a viable option for others  Smile

 Screen shot of some of my pay-outs, seems to be around 2500 Satoshi minimum even though its set to 0.
[Image: bitcoin-EMCD.png]

oh just to add this is the lowest amount I've been paid out for BCH as well..  

cant seem to get the screen shot to load viewable  Dodgy

but it was only 0.00014581 BCHN

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