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Asus Rog w/ lhr 3060, HDMI dummy plug
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Asus Rog w/ lhr 3060, HDMI dummy plug
Hey everyone, I decided to go back to school after being a BMW master tech for the last 10 years to pursue the start of a cyber security  job and picked up an ASUS ROG G14 with a 3060 lhr in it. After messing with the Nicehash overclock settings I am able to get around 27MH/s. The 470.05 driver will not work on this card so after doing some digging I saw a video with an LHR 3060 that had an HDMI dummy plug in it and was able to get 48MH/s. Has anyone tried this with success yet? I ordered a dummy plug from amazon and it will be here tomorrow so I will update this post with either good or bad news. May the hashrates be high and the payouts higher  Big Grin

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