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Welcome to the Forums! Small Giveaway
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Welcome to the Forums! Small Giveaway
Welcome to the old school side of things im sure most of you guys that made it here to the forums are not new to computers but if you are thats cool to! 

I wanted to host a small giveaway on the forums so just drop a comment below and post of a pic of your rig in the rig pics section of the forums to be entered 

Give away is over September 30th 2021
Prize 0.01 ETH

I would like to keep doing more of these in the future and hopefully the scammers spammers and bots stay out of here <3

PS no one is aloud more than 1 account per person
First rig pic. It ain't much but it's mine lol
Photos can now be added a lot easier than before. Look at bottom of message area for "Add image to post". It will allow you to drag and drop a photo to upload. 
[Image: Lego-Batman-Clipart-PNG.png]
Thank you mr batman!!!
[Image: 59349318.jpg]
right lets see if i can work this to get my first budget built rig up
~273 MH/s
NBMiner | Ethermine | HiveOS
Hi everyone, glad to be here! rig pics will be posted shortly!

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